Mentor and Men proudly presents its partnership with Sentia.

Taking the digital fast lane is a change that does not come easy. Sentia Group helps its clients by taking full ownership of their infrastructure, applications, and workplace in the cloud to ensure business continuation.

Sentia rapidly grows thanks to its offensive buy-and-build strategy. To keep its frontrunner’s position, and to grow the divisions into one organization, Sentia introduces companywide business applications based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. To make this change happen, to make sure that business goals will remain supported by tools, to have all people engaged, Sentia partners with Mentor and Men to mentor Sentia through this major transition.

Watch this video and get inspired.
Watch the video, introduced by Stijn Viaene, Vlerick Business School. The video was part of the Kanaal Z series ‘Digital Transformation’ and is realized with the much appreciated support of Microsoft.

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